Juice Box Box vision for the future is to build a self-sustained music entertainment agency providing the works in putting on a proper event including musicians, managers, publicists, sound set ups, sound engineers, lighting engineers, stage structural engineers, photographers, videographers, costume designers, dancers, entertainers, and live painters. Juice Box Box creative and ethical business processes will be based on fairness and not on greed, to know each client personally, being attentive to their needs or wants, and treat them with respect to create a unified community within the company and beyond. Juice Box Box dream is to give back to the music, and the listeners alike, what the music has given her: a friend who was always there beside her for every stage in her life teaching her about emotions she never knew to exist, strength she never knew she had, and motivation, determination, and perseverance to get the most out of life. There are a lot of mountains to climb but no mountain is too big to stop this very passionate and enthusiastic vision. Let’s get connected and change the world because music is THE universal language.